Marketing tipps for your business: How to write a newsletter

Marketing Tips for Your Business: How To Write a Newsletter

Out of the whole range of marking tools you can you can use to keep your marketing expenses down, one of the most cost effective is sending your customers a newsletter. This is something which is easy to do once you have an email database.

Here are some tips for writing the perfect newsletter - one which will generate leads and calls for your business during the high season.

  1. Provide content worth reading
    Do not flood your customers with a bunch of numbers and discounts offered on certain products; it's a much better idea to write about the building process or about product and service benefits.
  2. Grab the reader's attention with the headline/subject
    A catchy email subject line will significantly increase the number of people who actually read your letter.
  3. Keep it short and simple
    As I mentioned in my previous post about flyers - the shorter the better. Instead of long and difficult sentences, use nice big images.
  4. Keep it regular
    Write newsletter on the same day of the week and send it out at the same time. Of course, the newsletter doesn't have to be a weekly event; just set yourself a schedule and stick to it.

Do you send out a newsletter to your customers? How do you design it? Share with us in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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Marketing tipps for your business: The secret of the excellent flyer

Marketing tips for your business: The secret of the excellent flyer

In my previous posts I have written much about marketing. Since the high season is on, you might want to invest a little bit into home and tailor made flyer to offer your products and services.

Here are a few tips what to take into consideration when you create a flyer:

  1. Give a good title!
    The title should be interesting and some provocative thoughts can help to increase attention.
  2. Use coloured, outstanding graphics.
    The bigger picture is the better or if you use some info graphics it can also lead to increased attention.
  3. Always talk about the benefits of the product or service.
    Why is the product or service beneficial for your customer? Try to formulate your sentences from your customer point of view and the sentences shouldn’t be too long and complicated.
  4. Use case studies, testimonials.
    Nothing is better than the opinion of other customers. Show references, give a chance to your customer to get to know you services in the real life as well.
  5. Do not make it too complicated
    Use only one or two types of fonts and align the pictures. Do not use only capitalized letters, because it’s not that easy to read.
  6. Read it though before you print it.
    A grammatical mistake can easily reduce the number of calls, since people will think that if you can’t pay attention to the language, how would you pay attention to their roofs.

What do you put on your flyer? Share with us in a comment here or on my Facebook page!

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Recycle the waste on the building site

Recycling Building-Site Waste

I'm quite sure you're aware of the fact that many of your customers are committed to recycling their waste, and that this involvement also applies to the building or renovating of their homes.

In case of building work, this is not all that easy. We all know what happens on construction sites - all the waste goes into one huge container, which then gets taken away, who knows where…

Since the beginning of the year, I've started reducing the amount that goes to waste on my construction projects. I try to collect the different waste types - metal, plastic, paper and wood - separately. Then, when the job's over, I take it all to a recycling station. This certainly involves us in some additional costs, but then I'm also a confirmed fan of the sustainable building process :)

For the metal waste, I collect it until I have a bag weighing 20-30 kilos, and then sell it. This provides some pocket money for my brigade, enabling them to buy a few packs of water for the work site.

Do you also collect waste separately at your building sites? Share your tips with us in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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Make Comparison when You Write your quotations

Make Comparisons When Writing Your Quotations

For most of us, a great chunk of our working day is taken up with preparing quotations for our customers. And when you receive a quotation request from a customer not familiar with the building process or materials, then you need to be that little bit more detailed - your quotation should show the cost of each the various types of work in question, including materials used.

As I see it, sending out a simple quotation - one in which only a single kind of product is shown for each stage of the construction process - is not the way to proceed. Here's what I do: I create one or two alternative scenarios, each involving different products. In the case of roof construction, I always mention the type of wood I'm going to use, and provide two options for roofing materials. For example, if the order called for it I would make a comparison between tiles and asphalt shingles.

In case of roof windows, I take the same approach: I always give quotations for two brands, and then provide a comparison between the products, one of which is Dakea - roof windows for smart professionals. Comparing Dakea with any other brand is easy because Dakea windows come with a 20-year transferable guarantee, unique on the market. What is more, they make no compromises on quality. Also, most Dakea windows come with a free underfelt foil collar and - in case of the Dakea Best - a free insulation foam collar too.

For homeowners, I show every single detail comprising the quotation; and most of the time they follow my advice.

How do you prepare quotations for your customers? Drop me a comment, either below or on my Facebook page!

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Use YouTube to build confidence

Use YouTube to Build Confidence

Many individual entrepreneurs have told me that customers can be rather uneasy about ordering construction work from them. And this relates to something I've often mentioned in my posts - you need to impress upon your clients that you're someone they can trust, and that the work they order from you will be done on time and to a high quality standard.

So here's my brilliant idea: make point of view (POV) videos during roofing works and post them on the internet. Something like this:

I'm going to get hold of a camera like that one and shoot a few videos too :)

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