Sun Rising On Roof Window Business – Time To Climb On The Roof Again!

I saw the first rays of sun shining this morning!
Spring time is upon us, and of course that means business time!

With all the preparation work I have done in the last few weeks that I have shared with you Guys on this blog, I think I can ease into the working season with no trouble and getting lots of business.

So, last but not least, to wake up a bit my potential prospects, I spent an hour last night putting a small leaflet in all of the letterboxes in the area, which reads:

"Is Your Roof Leaking?
Did you know that the wrong amount of insulation or ventilation can lead to a leaky roof during the winter months? Let us keep your home safe and leak free. Call us today to fix your leak, or for a free evaluation. " ( sorry girls I won't leave my phone number here)

What about you? What do you do to wake up business as soon as the sun comes back?

Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Photocredit: Ostseetroll

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