Recycle the waste on the building site

Recycling Building-Site Waste

I'm quite sure you're aware of the fact that many of your customers are committed to recycling their waste, and that this involvement also applies to the building or renovating of their homes.

In case of building work, this is not all that easy. We all know what happens on construction sites - all the waste goes into one huge container, which then gets taken away, who knows where…

Since the beginning of the year, I've started reducing the amount that goes to waste on my construction projects. I try to collect the different waste types - metal, plastic, paper and wood - separately. Then, when the job's over, I take it all to a recycling station. This certainly involves us in some additional costs, but then I'm also a confirmed fan of the sustainable building process :)

For the metal waste, I collect it until I have a bag weighing 20-30 kilos, and then sell it. This provides some pocket money for my brigade, enabling them to buy a few packs of water for the work site.

Do you also collect waste separately at your building sites? Share your tips with us in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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