Marketing tipps for your business: The secret of the excellent flyer

Marketing tips for your business: The secret of the excellent flyer

In my previous posts I have written much about marketing. Since the high season is on, you might want to invest a little bit into home and tailor made flyer to offer your products and services.

Here are a few tips what to take into consideration when you create a flyer:

  1. Give a good title!
    The title should be interesting and some provocative thoughts can help to increase attention.
  2. Use coloured, outstanding graphics.
    The bigger picture is the better or if you use some info graphics it can also lead to increased attention.
  3. Always talk about the benefits of the product or service.
    Why is the product or service beneficial for your customer? Try to formulate your sentences from your customer point of view and the sentences shouldn’t be too long and complicated.
  4. Use case studies, testimonials.
    Nothing is better than the opinion of other customers. Show references, give a chance to your customer to get to know you services in the real life as well.
  5. Do not make it too complicated
    Use only one or two types of fonts and align the pictures. Do not use only capitalized letters, because it’s not that easy to read.
  6. Read it though before you print it.
    A grammatical mistake can easily reduce the number of calls, since people will think that if you can’t pay attention to the language, how would you pay attention to their roofs.

What do you put on your flyer? Share with us in a comment here or on my Facebook page!

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