Make your returning customers feel special

Making Your Returning Customers Feel Special

Yes, I just love this topic! A large part of my company’s income comes from orders placed by people who’ve given me jobs in the past. Which means I’m really keen on making them feel important.

There’s a whole host of things you can make them feel special. Promotions and price offs, for example, if you have some product in stock that you want to sell faster. You can set up a different mailbox for special customers, from which you send them emails written in a special way: just for them, for the very best customers. You can even have a different phone number for those clients who deserve special treatment. So when your “red phone” starts ringing, you know it’s an important call. And another thing: you could also offer those customers more flexible delivery of goods and/or tighter working deadlines.

What do you do to make your customers feel special? Let me know in a comment here – or on my Facebook page!

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