Make Comparison when You Write your quotations

Make Comparisons When Writing Your Quotations

For most of us, a great chunk of our working day is taken up with preparing quotations for our customers. And when you receive a quotation request from a customer not familiar with the building process or materials, then you need to be that little bit more detailed - your quotation should show the cost of each the various types of work in question, including materials used.

As I see it, sending out a simple quotation - one in which only a single kind of product is shown for each stage of the construction process - is not the way to proceed. Here's what I do: I create one or two alternative scenarios, each involving different products. In the case of roof construction, I always mention the type of wood I'm going to use, and provide two options for roofing materials. For example, if the order called for it I would make a comparison between tiles and asphalt shingles.

In case of roof windows, I take the same approach: I always give quotations for two brands, and then provide a comparison between the products, one of which is Dakea - roof windows for smart professionals. Comparing Dakea with any other brand is easy because Dakea windows come with a 20-year transferable guarantee, unique on the market. What is more, they make no compromises on quality. Also, most Dakea windows come with a free underfelt foil collar and - in case of the Dakea Best - a free insulation foam collar too.

For homeowners, I show every single detail comprising the quotation; and most of the time they follow my advice.

How do you prepare quotations for your customers? Drop me a comment, either below or on my Facebook page!

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