Letting the home owner know about the construction process

Informing the Home Owner About the Construction Process

A while ago I wrote an article about showing references to your customers. Actually, I got some nice feedback about that – some of my customers let me know they'd really liked it and that the presentation had built their confidence about my work for them. And one of them even added an interesting new twist: he suggested that attached to the references I should have a construction process plan – something which provided customers with full information about the various parts of the process. I really like those positive critics because you can learn from them. You realise yet again that there’s always space for improvement, that no-one can be perfect.

So I came up with an idea of how to give my customers details about the what, when and how of the construction process. I’ve taken some pictures of my current jobs and put them into a nice Powerpoint and Prezi presentation – something I’ll now be using, together with my references, to show my customers examples of how Dakea roof windows can be installed.

Believe me, customers just love evidence and good reference!

How do you inform your customers about the building process? Let’s start a discussion – just write a comment here or on my Facebook page!

Image source: harboltcustomhomes

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