How to find the right salesperson for your business

How to Find the Right Salesperson for Your Business

For many of us, finding a suitable salesperson for our business is a real grind. Which is hardly surprising - posting a job ad on the internet brings in CVs by the wagonload, the vast majority of which are simply not suitable. And then you have the task of trawling through them and selecting those who deserve a phone or personal interview.

At this stage, you might want to take the following factors into consideration.

Ability to Work Alone

A key skill for a salesperson is to be able to work independently, without the need for constant supervision. Irrespective of whether the position you have in mind is an inside or field sales job, that person needs to be able to manage customers.

Planning and Preparation

A good salesperson works to a plan - they should know at least a week in advance what they're going to be doing, and who they're going to be visiting. They also need to be well prepared - armed with as much information about the potential customer as possible.

Product/Service Price Point is Irrelevant

A good salesman should be able to sell customers on even a top-price product. They do this by becoming well-informed about customers and their business needs. This gives them real persuasive power - even in the case of a top-of-the line product. (Selling a bottom-price product - given that there are no other differentiating features - is absolute child's play.)

Stable Performance

Their performance needs to solidly based. In other words, they need to be able to keep the emotions related to their day-to-day lives at bay, just focusing on the job in hand.

Cold Calls

They can't be afraid of making cold calls (which are, after all, a fact of life for every salesperson). A good preliminary test would be to send them your number and have them call you before the interview.

Continuous Learning

The best salesperson for your business will be someone forever on the lookout for new sales techniques, who feels the urge to keep learning, day in and day out. Which also means that they'll be coming up with creative ideas, looking for new ways to sell your products and services.

And what about your search process for salespeople? Which factors do you take into consideration? Why not let me know in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

Have a great evening!

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