Get feedback from your customers

Get Feedback from your Customers

I'm convinced that each and every one of us knows about the importance of feedback. It’s important to know how your customer thinks about what you do and how you do it. The way I see it, you can get really get a lot out of their comments and criticism.

Which is the reason I give my customers a short list of questions to respond to after every completed job. Of course, the list shouldn't be too long - discouraging people people from completing it is certainly not your objective. The principle to keep in mind is KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) - so there should probably be not more than 10 easily answered questions.

The questions generally should be closed-end ones (limiting the set of answers makes it easy to work with the data afterwards), together with just a few open-end questions, where the respondent gets the opportunity to give full rein to his or her opinions.

You also get to learn a bit about your customers' demographics if you ask them for their age and gender.

You can print out or create a survey online - for example at: Surveymonkey

Maybe you're already using questionnaires to get feedback from your customers? Let me know what works for you in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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