Customer Services and Roofers

Customer Services and Roofers

All of us end up interacting with customer service representatives on a daily basis, whether we’re ordering something for business purposes or else for personal use. And I’m sure you’ve also from time to time endured some awfully long minutes having a company’s “newest hit” played at you over the phone. Surely, getting an automated message from a machine is even worse… I’m convinced that this kind of solution is something none of us is interested in.

For us the customer always comes first, right? So we need to find good ways of interacting with our customers, even when we’re unable to take their calls.

There are of course ways of maintaining professionalism, even for those of us running a small business and unable to afford employing a customer service person. Let me share with you my approach to this issue.

Given that I spend a lot of my time on a roof, there are plenty of occasions when I simply cannot pick up the phone or answer an important email. (Don’t forget - Safety First! J.) But I’ve made up for this by recording a friendly voicemail message saying I’ll get back to the caller as soon as possible and asking them to leave their number. What’s more, my Gmail and Yahoo inboxes are set up to send out automated replies promising I’ll respond within 48 hours. These days you can do this sort of thing with just about every email service provider.

The result of all this is that I’ve never lost a customer who's contacted me through one of the above channels.

What’s your way of informing your customers of your non-availability? Share it in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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