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Register For the Cash Club!

Last season brought me a really pleasant surprise: more jobs, which translated into more roof installations, more loft conversions, and also a greater quantity of roof windows installed.

To tell you the truth, winning even the same amount of work each year has lately become something of a struggle. You have to find new sources of leads, come up with new promotions, etc. And while this can certainly be challenging, it also makes our life a little more interesting.

The other part of your success is your suppliers. I only work with companies I can trust – ones which supply me with quality materials. If I’m using poor-quality products, it’s my reputation too that’s on the line. And what’s more, it’s a refreshing state of affairs when a company, as opposed to focussing on those who will use and enjoy the benefits of its products, concentrates on the professionals working with those products. That’s the reason I first started installing Dakea roof windows, back in 2012.

I registered for their Cash Club installer rewards programme, since when I’ve done really well out of it! As I mentioned, the beginning of last year was full of interesting surprises – one of them being my Cash Club account, which helped me go on holiday in May.

I suggest you to sign up for the Cash Club now at, and benefit from the reward provided along with each roof window you install! Registering is easy and quick!

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