Maintanence of the roof windows

Maintaining Roof Windows

Many of you must have been asked, after installing the roof window, "It looks great now, but what do I need to do in order to keep it in this sort of shape?”

Well, answering that question really isn't difficult, as roof windows aren't the sort of product that requires much maintenance. Most of the time,  it's enough just to clean the glass - and if you've offered and installed for your customer Dakea roof windows (Better PVC, Best PVC, Best) then, thanks to the Titan Glass coating, they won't even have to worry about that. And not only will the window dry faster, water droplets won't leave a visible trail.

The wooden construction can be also cleaned with hot soapy water, although over-frequent cleaning may mean that the wood requires re-lacquering sooner.

If your customer has a wooden window in a humid room, such as a bathroom, you might want to suggest they have the wooden construction re-lacquered annually in order to keep the window in a perfect shape.

In case of accessories such as blinds, there's no need for regular maintenance - simply clean them with a damp cloth as needed.

Greasing the centre hinges is also important in order to ensure a smooth rotation of the window.

Last but not least, tell your customers to clean around the window's gutters, so as to ensure the free flow of rainwater around the window.

If you want to know more about roof window maintenance, take a look at this webpage.

What else do you tell your customers about roof window maintenance? Let me know in a comment!

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