How to keep warm your customers home during the winter months?

How to Keep Your Customers’ Homes Warm During the Winter Months

Surely many of us have had to face to the fact that when you make a hole in a customer's roof, they tend to get just a bit worried. We understand that from their perspective this is something unusual and a big thing. Moreover, they want to be sure that this hole where you are about to install a roof window will not also become a place where heat leaks out during those cold winter months.

Personally, when I install a window, heat loss reduction is a big issue. This is why  I always use the Dakea Insulation foam collar (IFC), which comes for free together with some of the Dakea roof windows. Installing the IFC means you can promise your customer that their window's U-value will improve by 0.1 - this amounts over the long run to significant gains for them.

From the installation point of view, it really makes my life easier: I don't have to deal with other insulation materials, which take quite a bit of time to cut and spray around the window. With the IFC, everything's simpler and quicker: you just glue it to the window with the self-gluing strip on the side. This provides a secure fit, in contrast to other insulation materials which, due to dilatation, can cause your window to move in the roof.

What's more, many of your customers, especially women, would really not like to have insects living in their roof. Well, the good news is that the IFC is made of a kind of material that - unlike fiberglass - insects don't like.

Last but not least, since you then revet the roof from the inside, the IFC will be completely invisible.

What kind of insulation materials do you use, when build a roof? Let me know in a comment!


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