Dakea & Me - My reasons!

Dakea & Me – My reasons!

I got asked recently: why do I install new roof windows that not a lot of people have heard of....and not the ones we all know :) or their newer Eastern European competitors?

Well, here is my story from the start...

I make my living by installing roof windows. Because my personal income depends on the quality I deliver, I choose only the best products from the most trusted suppliers.

I heard about these new roof windows called Dakea, which are more affordable than other brands, and designed to fit the needs of professionals. I wouldn’t be myself if I hadn’t given it a try, especially since for every Dakea roof window I install, I can make up to £5 in their Cash Club programme. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but it's always few quid more in the budget, and if I switch to them completely I can even take my wife on a free holiday.

As much as I like to keep up with what’s new on the market, I have to make sure that the products are really of outstanding quality. I don’t want to be trapped in the never-ending story of callbacks, which could cost me my well-established reputation among my customers.

With Dakea, it’s quite simple. They come from VKR Holdings, the inventor and the European leader in roof window production, with 60 years of experience. If there's anybody out there who really knows how to make a roof window, it’s these guys!

Dakea quality standards get reflected in their 20 year guarantee - the longest on the market.

Also, the installation process is intuitive and simple. It takes me 40 minutes to install one roof window. It's hassle-free, as a stretchable underfelt foil collar is included, so I don’t need to sew or patch anything up.

It is really a win-win situation: I make more profit since my margins are healthier, I install best-in-class quality products for my customers, and I get extra cash for doing it!

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