Climate Change and Roofs

No question there is something up with the climate these days - I can feel it on my skin more with every passing season. The winters are getting colder and more unpredictable (either massive snowfalls or else unseasonably high temperatures), and during the summer we have the same kind of story: heavy rainfall, extremely strong winds, and hail over a wide radius.

It's no wonder that roofers get so many residential jobs these days. Some of these storms are big enough to blow away the whole roof, or at least most of the tiles, causing the house owners trouble a-plenty.

Over my time in the business, I've had to replace or repair no small number of roofs damaged by the awful weather. When installing new roofs and roof windows, I make sure I choose materials that will protect the home from these kinds of adverse conditions in future.

As far as roof windows are concerned, there's no question in my mind - I install Dakea windows, which have been tested under rigorous conditions to withstand even a huge storm, and are manufactured to meet the highest standards.

I often get questions from customers about the glass: "Would it survive even a massive hail storm?" Absolutely. The glazing on Dakea roof windows is made to last - all Dakea panes are toughened and come with a lifetime guarantee against hail damage.

Check out this short video about Max Protect, which ensures your safety:

Sounds like an unbeatable offer doesn't it? Do you also use materials tested for durability under extreme weather conditions? Tell me more about it in a comment here, or else on my Facebook page!

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