Blind season is ON

Blinds Are IN SEASON

Being in the middle of the hot summer months, many of my clients are asking me how to reduce the heat levels inside their attics. Well, you certainly can use air conditioning to cool down the upper rooms, but there are also smart ways of keeping heat out of a room in the first place.

Letting heat into a room and then wanting to cool it down is quite a common state of affairs and, I would say, rather a suboptimal one. So I advise customers to have Dakea anti heat blinds installed with their roof windows.

This is truly a great option for keeping the heat down during sunny days, and also for rain noise reduction during bad weather. My customers particularly like this blind since it is made of semi-translucent PVC coated netting – while pleasantly diffusing incoming light, it also prevents overheating by cutting out 80% of the sunlight, without restricting the view.

These anti heat blinds also fit Dakstra and RoofLITE windows; what is more, Dakea anti heat blinds (MUR) are also compatible with VELUX roof windows.

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