A newcomer in the Dakea product range - Dakea Best PVC

A newcomer in the Dakea product range – Dakea Best PVC

Let me share with you one of my successful installation stories from this week:

A few days ago, I was faced with a bit a challenge – a customer of mine was looking to have a roof window installed in his bathroom. He and his wife had been imagining that over their bathtub would be this big wooden window, so allowing them to stargaze during their evening baths :)

By the time I went to see their house, I already knew I’d be offering them a PVC window instead of wooden one. Bathrooms are after all humid places so wood, with its susceptibility to humidity, is not really the best choice. They also wanted a window with a ventilation valve, so they could air the room without needing to open the window. Accordingly, I went ahead and offered them the Dakea Best PVC solution, a window made of durable PVC, with a ventilation valve in the top. No more worries about maintenance or humidity with this window!

They were really happy: I even received a call a few days later, confirming that they are now enjoying their bathroom a fair bit more during the evenings :)

Certainly with Dakea you always get a little bit more for less.

Beside the excellent PVC construction and the ventilation valve, the window comes with the regular Dakea features: Next 20 Guarantee – 20 years peace of mind for the homeowner; Max Protect – excellent quality thanks to the highest manufacturing standards, including a lifetime guarantee against hail damage; Titan Glass – maintenance-free outer glass, plus great energy efficiency; also (last but not least), Quick Install!

Quick Install, which really makes our lives a whole lot easier! With the Dakea Best PVC window, we get the Dakea Underlay foil collar (RUC) and the Dakea Insulation foam collar (IFC) for free in the box with the window. I bet you won’t find a better solution on the market. I really like to work with these excellent additional free products: the RUC reduces installation time by 2-4 minutes, while the foam seals the window and restricts heat loss.

Looks and sounds like an unbeatable offer, doesn’t it? :)

By the way, the Dakea Team have also sent me their latest price list for 2014, which you can find now on my Facebook page! Come check it out!

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