A Few Reasons to Offer PVC Windows to Your Customers

A Few Reasons to Offer PVC Windows to Your Customers

Back in the old days we had only wood roof windows (and were quite happy with them). But, for a while now, we've also been installing PVC windows for our customers. And while I still love working with wooden windows - the lovely shape of wood is absolutely irreplaceable - there are also some situations where the PVC windows are simply better.

This stems from the fact that a construction made of PVC is - in cases where a window will  be installed in a dirty and/or humid environment - more durable then a wooden one. In cases such as these it's well worth advising your customer to change their mind about having a wooden window - and go for a PVC one instead.

Most of the time, I advise installing PVC windows in the bathroom, on account of the humidity - which can in the long run damage the frame and spoil the good looks of a wooden window. Meanwhile, in the kitchen you get not only humidity but also - in the course of roasting or frying - airborne droplets of oil, and these could well penetrate into a frame made of wood.

These are also places which we would generally want to ventilate frequently, whether for reasons of excess humidity or cooking smells. And, thanks to Dakea, offering suitable PVC windows to my customers has never been easier. Their range now consists of two options: Dakea Better PVC and Dakea Best PVC, both of which are central pivot PVC windows and come with a range of ventilation options.

The Dakea Better PVC window is equipped a handle having two additional locking positions, for flexible and comfortable ventilation control. Meanwhile, Dakea Best PVC, in addition to allowing ventilation via the handle, also has a built-in ventilation valve - so enabling your customer to air the room without even opening the window.

Besides these cool features, you'll find inside the box of the Dakea Better PVC window a FREE Dakea Underfelt foil collar (RUC).  As for Dakea Best PVC, this window comes not only with a FREE Dakea Underfelt foil collar (RUC) but also a FREE Dakea Insulation foam collar (IFC)! These additional products make my life quite a bit easier when I'm installing the windows - as I wrote in one of my recent posts.

And what about you? Do you also offer your customers PVC windows for their bathrooms or kitchens?

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