We Need More Than Just Roofing Materials

We Need More Than Just Roofing Materials

I don’t know how you choose the materials you work with, but I would like to share with you my own way to make a good choice that I won’t regret.

Of course, I will always choose the best quality for price balance, and if I could get more even for a tiny bit less, I won’t miss out on a bargain.

But the most important criteria for me is to choose the people, the team behind the product. I want to work, meet, do business, and buy things from people I like and trust, people who share my values.

I don't want to make high pressure sales with my customers, I want them to rely on me because they feel I am trustworthy, nice, friendly - because I love my job and do my best to satisfy them.

I expect the same from my suppliers. This is why I have chosen Dakea as my roof window supplier. I have chosen them because some pictures don't lie.

They are simple, friendly, modern, happy at work people, selling in the most friendly way - and I can tell you, they really like what they sell, and take the time to communicate with you, every week, even if it is just for a little chat.

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