Some Answers to Anti-PVC People

Some Answers for Anti-PVC People

Ecology and environmental concerns are very valuable causes, of that I have no doubt. Nevertheless, people sometimes have a tendency to put everything in one basket, and everything that is not 100% natural - I mean: that has not been a real living tree before - has to be targeted. It is how PVC usage became politically incorrect.

I think we have to educate  people about PVC, to be able to sell its great benefits somehow. It’s also our job as roofers.

  1. What other than PVC can avoid all concerns linked with mold, bacteria, insects, rodents - and do it naturally, without having to i mpregnate wood with a triple layer of poisoning chemicals every two years?
  2. How environmentally damaging is it to produce PVC compared to cut trees? If some roof windows, like the Dakea ones, are PEFC certified, then it’s fine, but what if they're not?
  3. PVC is super recyclable, which actually makes it one of the greenest roofing materials. PVC roofs and PVC windows can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

So, even putting aside the great maintenance-free feature of a PVC roof window, its fantastic energy performance when it is a Better PVC one, and its excellent durability on the roof, you can reassure your customers: yes, PVC is ecological and environmentally friendly, no matter what anybody tries to tell you.

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