News From The Roofing World: How To Protect a Palace

Which insulation materials do you prefer to use- especially in renovation works – when you need to take into account the age of building and its period architectural features?

Nowadays the variety of these materials is virtually endless! I used to work mostly with membrane. But just recently I got interested in how restoration works are carried out in different countries - and look what I came across...

Not long ago, as part of the extensive renovation of Warsaw's Royal Łazienki Palace on the Isle  (a residence of the last Polish king, Stanislaw Poniatowski), a completely new natural slate roof  was built.

The roofers' plans called for covering the well-preserved old oak planking with a new layer of larch, and then - once the roof  had been protected against dirt, rain and snow using Ruberoid - making a surface covering out of some appropriate material.


As the repair works were expected to continue for several months, the team employed only materials which could easily withstand the direct effects of weather during that time, including an extraordinarily tough membrane. The roofers especially remarked the membrane's convenient features, such as its light weight, extraordinary toughness, tear-resistance and also its total impermeability, plus ease of installation. In addition, the membrane's thinness and high level of elasticity greatly simplified the work around roof windows and ornaments. The membrane could be easily trimmed and, even in the most difficult places, quite easily positioned and then securely glued, using special glue.

The restoration of the palace roof continued from October until the New Year - even in winter, during heavy snowfalls, when snow accumulated on the pre-coating. This proved a real endurance test for the roofing membrane. Yet, whatever the weather threw at it, the planking underneath remained absolutely dry.

Which materials do you prefer to work with? And which wouldn't you recommend?


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