What About Tiresome Buzz Words Used In Building Industry?

I am a geek roofer, I guess you have already noticed.
Spending time reading articles about building industry in general (and roofing business in particular) is something I like very much .

Nevertheless I have to say that I start being really tired of some construction buzz words that start to be really overused and are just become meaningless to me to say the least.

For starters, I have two most hated:
World Class and Eco-friendly – this last one is a top buzz word used in the Beardy’s Oxford Concice Dictionnary :)
My next one would be all company names including “solutions” , well solutions mean we do things actually– Sorry if your company is called “Sustainable Building Solutions” :)

Then in bulk, I have: Thought leaders, top (comes with whatever), bottom line, core competencies, outside the box, paradigm shift, bicycling bonanza, legacy, diversity, rubber stamp, cash neutral, well I have tons of those.

Want to have some fun ? Drop here your most funny buzz words!

Photocredit: Sean MacEntee

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