Planning a Roof Window - Advice for Your Customers

Planning a Roof Window – Advice for Your Customers

Ours is not the easiest of jobs. In addition to the many things we roofers need to keep a professional eye on, we have are our customers - thinking of converting the loft, or simply wanting a new roof - expecting good advice from us. And certainly the more experienced among us rise easily to the task of turning a customers' vision for the upper part of their house into reality.

If a customer is looking to create living space under the roof, they'll certainly need roof windows. When giving advice in such a situation, you might want to make use of a few of my tools - things I tell my clients when they're planning a roof window.

1. Design of the house

Before creating your offer, take a good look at the house's interior and exterior design, and consider the ergonomics involved - how to let the greatest amount of light into the new space.

2. Number of windows

I guess everybody wants big windows, am I right? Well, of course bigger windows admit more daylight, but it's also worth considering whether, by having smaller windows but more of them, a better overall effect can be achieved.

3. Get maximum light by correct lining

More light will get into the room if you use the correct lining. A lining which is vertical below the window, and horizontal above it allows more light into the room.

4. House facade

In addition to internal light and design, you should also consider the visual impact the roof windows are going to have on the outside of the house. Pay special attention to their positioning relative to the existing windows. Then try to find a balance between the needs for internal light and, on the other hand, the impact on external architecture. The roof windows will then look elegant from the outside as well as meeting your needs on the inside.

5. Shallower Pitch? Advise longer windows

A roof window should always be placed at the correct height and be of a size that suits the needs of the space. When deciding on window size, check the roof pitch of the house. If the roof has a relatively shallow pitch, then a greater height of roof window will be required in order to provide the same view. The general rule is therefore: "the lower the roof pitch, the greater the roof window height".

Interested in learning more? Well, the Dakea guys have a website with a whole load more of great information about roof window planning!

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