New Years Resolutions 2014

New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2014

Well, to be honest with you, it was not that easy to wake up today, since I was still rather tired on account of the wonderful New Year's Eve party I went to a couple of days ago.

With the new year just having started, I was thinking about the New Year's resolutions I made at the start of 2013.

All together I made five resolutions for 2013 and I believe I more or less managed to succeed with all of them (I had big problems with not working on Sundays :) )

Actually, most of my resolutions are still valid for this year as well, since almost all of them are related to my customers.

Here's my list from last year:

  1. I will take the time during the winter months to really bond with my clients.
  2. I will clean up and update my customer database.
  3. I will invest a bit more time into training my team (including myself).
  4. I will make more profit than last year.
  5. I will not work on Sundays.

And hare are my new ones:

  1. I plan my work a bit better in this year; I would really like to increase the efficiency of my team.
  2. I will work on my promotions more.
  3. I will pay more attention to safety issues, in order to maintain my firm's zero-accident record.
  4. I will spend more time with my family.

Did you also recycle some of your resolutions from last year?

Leave me a comment about what you think about my resolutions!

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