I Don’t Want To Be the Cheapest Roofer, I Want To Be the BEST

The ultimate question for a roofer in the middle of a financial crisis is: "How do you keep quality high while remaining competitive?"

Do we really have to cut prices to the bone, to compete head-on with the growing legion of Frankenstein roofers? We talk so much about reliability, but how can you make that real to the customer you're sitting with - who's just received a cheaper offer?

How do you prove that you are worth the extra cash?

I had a nice little project for an elderly couple during the summer. I went out to measure it up the week before, and made an appointment to go back the following Monday. They'd already told me the previous Saturday that they were getting other quotes.

When I made my presentation I found out they'd already signed a contract with another roofer - and then they cancelled it.

How is that possible?

Since I'm not the cheapest roofer out there, I have to have a way of proving to homeowners that the cheapest offers often come from under-qualified crooks, who really don't have their customers' best interests in mind.

So here's what I do:

I've got a 10 Point List for homeowners on how to check the reliability of a roofer, plus a bunch of other advisory materials and a local reference list of about 20 roofs I’ve done, plus about 3 pages of customer testimonials.

I leave this with them during the measurement call.

These are all things which MUST be pointed out, otherwise you'll seem just like all the others out there.

Here's what our couple found out about the Frankenstein roofer who was so much cheaper than I was :)

• His license had been revoked
• His workers compensation insurance had been cancelled
• His suppliers were filing lines for nonpayment
• He recently went bankrupt and just started up under another name
• He had numerous complaints from previous customers

All the more reason to be confident regarding our higher prices - we are helping people avoid all the problems they would have with some lowlife roofer.

The elderly couple ended up going with me, even though my price was quite a bit higher (yet still totally reasonable).


How do you defend your prices? Drop me a line below :)


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